An uninterrupted view of your wealth


  • An analysis is only as valid as the data that was used to produce it

    In order to benefit from comprehensive and multilateral reports and analysis, we emphasise collecting data from a vast range of counterparties, transforming it into a uniform structure, and often correcting discrepancies to further enrich it.

  • Fully independent and objective

    Data does not lie and it has no bias. We let the undiluted numbers speak for themselves, so you can ascertain independence and objectivity when evaluating your decisions and investments.

Our tools were built by passionate portfolio managers for portfolio managers and their stakeholders who share the same determination and interest in their profession.


We provide the truest picture of wealth at a given moment with a thorough visualisation of the portfolios’ assets. This allows users to scrutinise their wealth from all imaginable viewpoints.

True transparency of investments

we enrich the position data with for example allocation information so a fund is not only treated as one fund, but actually has an allocation based on its holdings

Portfolio return decomposition

we offer numerous ways to analyse the returns of the portfolios and their constituents

Risk management and monitoring

we offer a comprehensive risk management and monitoring solution

Investment ledger and bookkeeping

with our help the process of accounting and bookkeeping can be significantly streamlined

Private Asset Reporting

we have a dedicated service for private investments


with our help our customers can get a deep understanding of the sustainability measures of their individual investments and portfolios

Secure delivery channel

all stakeholders can get their personal reports into a secure place

Leading industry professionals

What we offer cannot be provided as a software. Every customer is unique and has specific needs that requires a human touch. Even though we utilise the most modern analytical tools and programs we take pride in precision service and building long-term customer relationships.

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