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JAY Solutions

JAY Solutions has evolved from JAM Advisors,
an innovative Finnish wealth management

Today JAY Solutions is a fully independent and dedicated team of professionals with world class reporting and analysis tools. We are a highly scalable provider of solutions for the asset management industry and end-customers.

This is our service, pride and passion.

Through close collaboration with our customers we continuously develop our services to meet the needs of a wide range of users in our field. We utilise modern technologies including cloud computing and machine learning when aggregating and composing the most complete understanding of their assets for our customers.

JAY Solutions is 60% owned by CapMan, a leading Nordic private assets management and investment company.

Meet the team

Get to know our industry experts

For an uninterrupted view of your wealth get personal service and support from our multi-disciplinary team of industry experts.

  • Antti Kauppinen
    Senior Software Engineer

    Antti Kauppinen works as a Senior Software Engineer at JAY Solutions and is responsible for J-Ray Investment Portal. Antti has worked in different positions in the IT field since 2006. He previously worked as Technology Consultant at Develore Oy.

    antti.kauppinen@jaysolutions.com +358 50 340 1710
  • Iiro Elonen
    Analyst, Investment Data

    Iiro works as a Analyst, Investment Data at JAY Solutions. Iiro is writing his Master’s thesis at University of Vaasa and has earlier experience within corporate treasury & risk management and international tax & transaction services.

    Iiro.elonen@jaysolutions.com +358 44 252 3913
  • Jaakko Leikko
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Jaakko Leikko is the Chief Technology Officer of JAY Solutions. He has worked for 20 years in the information technology field in various expert, coaching and leader positions.

    jaakko.leikko@jaysolutions.com +358 40 574 3718
  • Jani Laitinen
    Head of JAY Solutions

    Jani Laitinen heads JAY Solutions and is one of the Founding Partners of JAM Advisors. Jani has worked within asset management since 2003, last positions held with Nordea Bank S.A. (Luxembourg) and Aktia Abp.

    jani.laitinen@jaysolutions.com +358 40 554 0812
  • Jasu Pykäri

    Jasu Pykäri works as an Analyst at JAY Solutions. Jasu has Master’s Degree in Banking and International Finance. He has previously worked at financial administration.

  • Johanna Saar

    Johanna Saar works as a Developer at JAY Solutions and is responsible of SQL Server Reporting Systems. Her previous experience is in marketing and consulting.

    johanna.saar@jaysolutions.com +358 40 969 3919
  • Jukka Uro
    Data Architect

    Jukka Uro works as a Data Architect at JAY Solutions and is responsible for our Reporting Solutions. Jukka has previously worked as a systems manager at FIM and S-Bank.

    jukka.uro@jaysolutions.com +358 40 762 3769
  • Jyri Järvinen
    Junior Analyst

    Jyri works as a Junior Analyst at JAY Solutions. Before joining JAY Solutions, he worked as an accountant for few years.

  • Kimmo Laakso
    Senior System Architect

    Kimmo Laakso works as Senior System architect at JAY Solutions and is responsible for our Integration Solutions. With 18 years of experience within the IT field, he has held many different expert positions on various projects during his career. He previously worked as Software architect at Siili Solutions.

    kimmo.laakso@jaysolutions.com +358 50 403 3398
  • Kurt Martinsen
    Application Architect

    Kurt Martinsen works as an Application Architect at JAY Solutions and is responsible for our Application Solutions. Kurt has 15 years of experience from the ICT-field and is specialised in the financial sector.

    kurt.martinsen@jaysolutions.com +358 50 323 1351
  • Lars Åhman
    Software Developer

    Lars Åhman is a Software Developer at JAY Solutions and is involved in developing our various products and services. He has previous software development experience from the insurance sector in the field of pensions.

    lars.ahman@jaysolutions.com +358 40 503 7145
  • Mikko Sjöblom
    Investment Accounting Specialist

    Mikko works as an Investment Accounting Specialist at JAY Solutions and is responsible for our Private Asset Reporting Solutions. He has previously worked as an accountant at Tilitoimisto Rantalainen.

    mikko.sjoblom@jaysolutions.com +358 44 377 8000
  • Onni Järvinen
    PhD, Data Analyst

    Onni Järvinen is a Data Analyst at JAY Solutions and takes responsibility of our Analytics Solutions. Onni has previously worked for Sanoma within the field of big data and has a PhD in Physics.

    onni.jarvinen@jaysolutions.com +358 44 374 0969
  • Paulus Palola
    Operations Director

    Paulus Palola works as an Operations Director at JAY Solutions. He has worked within the industry since 2000. Last positions held were at Handelsbanken and S-Bank.

    paulus.palola@jaysolutions.com +358 40 564 4532
  • Sami Hakala
    Investment Analyst

    Sami works as an Investment Analyst at JAY Solutions. Sami has worked within the financial industry since 2007.

    sami.hakala@jaysolutions.com +358 40 557 8463
  • Siina Lahti

    Siina Lahti works as an Analyst at JAY Solutions. She worked within the financial services industry prior to joining us.

    siina.lahti@jaysolutions.com +358 40 868 2902
  • Tiina Reunanen
    Operations Specialist

    Tiina Reunanen works as an Operations Specialist. She has worked within the investment industry since 2000.

  • Tomi Ahokas
    Analyst, Investment Ledger

    Tomi Ahokas works as an Analyst, Investment Ledger and his responsibilities include investment accounting and fund solutions. Before joining JAY Solutions Tomi has worked as an accountant and business controller.

    tomi.ahokas@jaysolutions.com +358 40 868 2902
  • Toni Aaltonen
    Head of Portfolio Data Management

    Toni Aaltonen is responsible for our Portfolio Data Management at JAY Solutions. Toni has worked within the industry since 2000, last positions held with FIM Bank Ltd.

    toni.aaltonen@jaysolutions.com +358 40 588 2478
  • Yasmina Koivisto
    Investment Analyst

    Yasmina Koivisto works as an Investment Analyst at JAY Solutions. Yasmina has worked within the investment and ICT sectors since 2016.

    yasmina.koivisto@jaysolutions.com +358 45 124 5763